Have You Taken The Time To Plan For The Future?

We all want to take the necessary steps to protect our financial future and that of our loved ones. Unfortunately, the rigors of daily life often interfere with even the best of intentions, and we think to ourselves that proper planning can just “wait for another day” until we have “a little more time.” But what if that other day does not come, or we never get around to it? The consequences of not having an estate plan or a business plan can be devastating:

  • Loss of control over how and when your assets are distributed
  • Family friction
  • Delays in accessing your assets and providing for your family
  • Unnecessary probate expenses


How We Help Our Clients

At Joshua T. Keleske, P.L, we focus on estate planningestate administrationtrust administration, and business planning. We begin by listening closely to your most pressing concerns and important goals. Only after we have a thorough understanding of what matters most to you and your loved ones are we able to design a customized plan tailored to meet your needs. In doing so, we believe the best plans are the result of cooperation. This means that we welcome the opportunity to work with any of your existing advisors. Furthermore, every member of our staff is fully dedicated to providing the highest level of client service.

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