Most people are unaware of the numerous steps necessary to properly settle an estate or trust until they are faced with the prospect of doing so themselves. While all families have different estate and trust administration needs, several steps must be completed prior to retitling a loved one’s assets in accordance with his or her Last Will and Testament.

For an estate administration, these steps include depositing the Will with the local probate court, collecting and securing all assets and life insurance, reporting these assets to the court, notifying creditors of the estate proceeding, satisfying legally enforceable debts, filing appropriate tax returns and making distributions in accordance with your loved one’s wishes. When a Revocable Trust is used during lifetime, administering that Trust is considerably less complicated. Assets owned in a Trust are not subjected to direct court supervision, although many of the duties necessary to administer an estate are equally applicable to administer a trust.

Performing these duties in either an estate or a trust administration is challenging under the best of circumstances, particularly when you consider they must be completed within certain statutory time constraints. We certainly recognize that losing a loved one is very difficult, and the last thing your family needs is the added stress of undertaking these duties and making other important financial and legal decisions while in mourning.

At Joshua T. Keleske, P.L., we have the experience and compassion necessary to make the estate and trust administration process as efficient and stress-free as possible. We will guide your heirs with great sensitivity and work closely with your personal representative, trustees and other fiduciaries, wherever they are located, in order to ensure that your wishes are honored.

We offer a complete range of estate and trust administration services, including:

  • Selection of the proper representatives
  • Preparation and filing of all necessary probate court forms
  • Representation in probate court
  • Tax planning for your estate and trust
  • Review of estate tax return and gift tax return
  • Review of estate income tax return and trust income tax return
  • Postmortem planning
  • Beneficiary Agreements
  • Homestead Determination
  • Asset Transitioning

If you are currently faced with the prospect of settling a loved one’s estate, the best time to begin is now. By doing so, we will expedite the administration process, minimize expenses and protect more of the estate’s assets for your loved one’s family.

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